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Rigid Core Flooring

Durability and award-winning design are the hallmarks of Rigid Core flooring. They have a multi-layered structure combining the best attributes of several types of flooring, including luxury vinyl and laminate. Rigid Core flooring has many of the features of traditional luxury vinyl tile, but with superior notch resistance and a realistic design.

Because it’s a solid plank rather than flexible like regular vinyl, rigid core is an engineered product that’s an improvement over traditional vinyl. For added durability, it may be made of wood or stone plastic composite core, with a wear layer that protects the planks from scratches and stains. There is also an underlayment, which is not always included, that may be made of cushioning material or sound absorbing material.

In which spaces can Rigid Core flooring be installed?

You can enjoy the benefits of these flooring in any room in your home. They combine both durability suitable for the most frequented areas of the home and those rooms most exposed to humidity, and an aesthetic appeal that enhances the style of your main living spaces and bedrooms with its patterned pattern. realistic wood look.

Colors, styles and textures can be customised to look like hardwood or natural stone tile, for example. Water-resistant vinyl flooring like rigid core vinyl is well-known for its ability to be installed just about anywhere. Rigid core vinyl, on the other hand, offers products that are completely waterproof. Planks will not swell or warp if exposed to moisture or humidity, which can be a concern for families with children or pets. The tongue and groove or click system makes it simple to put in by yourself.

How durable is this type of flooring?

Unlike many other types of flooring, Rigid Core flooring offers maximum resistance to nicks when subjected to falling objects or the passage of high heels. Completely waterproof, these coatings do not swell, buckle or lose their integrity when exposed to water.

Using a wet mop and cleaner or a dust mop and broom are good options for daily cleaning, as detergents leave a cloudy film on the vinyl flooring. Protect your new vinyl floors by placing felt pads under large furniture and by avoiding wearing high heels indoors, which can dent the vinyl.

Vinyl flooring is a great option if you’re looking for something long-lasting, low-maintenance, and resistant to moisture. The choice between rigid core luxury vinyl planks and other options may be influenced by the size of your room and whether you plan to do the installation yourself or hire a contractor. Long-lasting luxury vinyl is a no-brainer, no matter which type you go with.

What styles of Rigid Core coverings are available?

Our award-winning designs come in ultra-realistic visuals and textures that mimic real natural hardwood. Treat yourself to the look of traditional wood flooring or the trendy look of rustic, reclaimed or brushed wood.

Innovations in design have resulted in affordable vinyl sheet flooring that will last for years, besides being so stylish you’ll be glad you could keep them for that long! To help you begin your research to find the best sheet vinyl flooring, let’s go over the basics. 

What is vinyl sheet flooring?

Vinyl sheets are often used as alternatives to natural stone, ceramic tile, or even hardwood, especially in rooms like kitchens, laundry rooms, and bathrooms that are more prone to moisture. Layered construction provides stability, cushioning and a protective finish for durability.

It comes in rolls 12 feet wide that the flooring company will cut to size. Depending on the size of your room, you might need just one roll, but regardless, this type of flooring leaves very few (or none) seams.

Can I get sheet vinyl flooring that looks like hardwood or natural stone?

When thinking of vinyl sheets, most people imagine kitchens from decades past. Things have definitely changed. Innovative technology allows us to create vinyl sheets with patterns and textures so realistic that they can be mistaken for real hardwood, ceramic or stone flooring. Homeowners with great taste choose premium vinyl sheet over other types of flooring because of its winning combination of realism, trendy elegance, and practical durability.

What are my design options for vinyl flooring?

“Natural realism” is a popular trend in sheet vinyl flooring. Many homeowners want to replicate the look and feel of objects found in the natural world, but also want the hassle-free maintenance of vinyl.

Range of Color Options

There is no shortage of color options in sheet vinyl floors. For looks inspired by natural materials like hardwood, stone, and slate, you’ll find shades of white, beige, red, orange, brown, green, blue, and gray. Other styles such as geometric patterns and black and white checkerboards are also available.

Trending Styles

Nowadays, several collections of sheet vinyl flooring have improved color clarity and relief that create a texture that matches the patterns. This is what makes many wood or stone look vinyl sheet floors look a lot like real materials.

The level of realism of some of these collections is truly incredible. The same goes for the range of on-trend styles you can get:

  • Traditional hardwood
  • Exotic wood species
  • Rustic and weathered wood
  • Worn wood
  • Limestone
  • Sandstone
  • Slate
  • Decorative geometric patterns
  • Checkerboard

Where can I install sheet vinyl flooring?

Versatile vinyl sheet flooring is perfect for any room in the house. You can install it on any floor of the house: above ground, at ground level or below it. It is a good choice especially for high traffic areas like kitchens and playrooms, or rooms prone to humidity like bathrooms and laundry rooms. Vinyl sheet is designed for flat and level surfaces. No stairs unfortunately!

How long will the vinyl sheet flooring last?

Vinyl sheets can be quite durable. In fact, many Armstrong Flooring vinyl sheet products are warranted for 25 years or even lifetime for residential use. For floors designed to last the longest, look for sheet vinyl collections that have the highest resistance to scuffs, stains and wear

What are my installation options for vinyl flooring?

We offer you two installation options for Armstrong Flooring vinyl sheets. Which method you choose will depend on your personal preferences and what is suitable for the product. For example, Armstrong Flooring’s fiberglass and StrataMax products can be installed using either of these two methods, while felt-backed vinyl sheets can only be installed with adhesive tape. full display.

Modified Loose Lay – vinyl is cut in place and secured with double-sided tape in heavy traffic areas.

Full -spread adhesive – You spread a peel-off or permanent adhesive over the existing subfloor or floor, then lay the vinyl sheet flat.

Of course, there is always the option of professional installation which might be worth your while, despite the additional costs, if you are not an experienced handyman.